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Past Projects


We have been developing real-time software for the industries for many years. Our clients included big multi-nationals and instrumentation specialists. All the projects involve real-time data collection, analysis and user's interfaces. Many of the projects are for vehicle research and development purpose, which required highly accurate data collection techniques, and carefully optimized software to perform real-time analysis and presentation within a critical time window. Most of these are PC based, running Windows or Linux, and using Delphi, Kylix, C/C++, Java, Blade and GTK++.


A range of cost effective and flexible standalone instruments were developed on single board computers running multi-tasking RTOS, using C/C++, Java and Assemblers. These are "off the shelf" SBC with sufficient resources to perform simple to medium complexity industrial control functions. We developed these into mini-web servers using LAN connection, thus allowing customers to set-up and monitor these systems using any general purpose web-browser, examples are Firefox,IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera. All of our deployments include customers' specified functions for industrial instrumentation.

Optical Pattern Recognitions

A special purposed pattern recognition system was developed for sorting. Items traveling on a conveyor belt were scanned with a line scan camera and its image reconstructed in the computer for subsequent image processing. Sorting decision is then made by bespoke application software using custom detection methods. OS used was Windows, with Delphi as the development software.


We were also involved in Navigation software using GPS and Radio Navigation Systems. These were real-time positioning and navigation systems, either stand-alone or interface into mapping systems. We had worked on marine, as well as land based systems. The OS were custom built, and the applications were developed using C/C++ and Assemblers.


There are many other projects that included our software. We are very adaptive, we will be able to accomadate your requirements. Talk to us today and make tommorow dreams come true.

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